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Our Message

Our message is simple and powerful.  Peace, Balance, and Justice are the basis for communities to come together under a positive message that uplifts and unites in a fun way.

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Our Team

Our team is comprised of compassionate leaders that are committed to affecting positive change in the world using the amazing and simple power of rolling around on wheels.

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Get Involved

It's easy to get involved with our project in a number of ways.  For one, join our mailing list.  Then, explore how you can be even more of a contributor to this movement.

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Have You Changed the World Lately?

If you have, we want to know more!

If you haven't then you're probably like most people who would love to affect positive change in the world but simply do not have the means or the know how.

That's all changing now.  With the power of the internet and groups like RFP, we can collectively add up all of our small contributions to create actual, tangible change in the world.

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Michael Brooke with Local Child at Workshop

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