Children At Longboard for Peace Event

Our Approach

We work with locals to build workshops for children and adults in areas in need.  Our workshops can last anywhere from a couple hours to all day long.  We believe the children are the future of our world and we make sure that they are the focus by making the events fun and accessible to the local community in an inviting and positive spirit.

Meet the Team

People make things happen.  Networks of people can make big things happen.  Join our movement, grow our network, and help support our mission to change the world.

Michael Brooke - Roll for Peace

Michael Brooke

Professor for Peace

Michael is well known for creating Concrete Wave Magazine.  He helps Roll for Peace reach the far parts of the world, is the original founder of Longboarding for Peace, and an all-around champion for skateboarding and longboarding.


Sean Powell - Whatever Skateboards

Sean Powell

Champion for Change

Sean is the founder of Ride for Peace partner Whatever Skateboards.  Sean is a master of web tech, a serial entrepreneur, and uses his technologies and resources to help us harness the power of the internet to grow.

Steven Meketa - Whatever Skateboards - Roll for Peace - Skogging

Steven Meketa

Sultan of Stoke

Steven runs, rides distance for Whatever, and has limitless stoke with amazing story of how he overcame and beat cancer using distance skating and Skogging not just as a sport and lifestyle but as a way of life.

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