Roll for Peace is an annual global event that unites the local communities thru motion.

Why September 16th?

On the week leading to the International Peace Day (21st), there will be a variety of events taking place worldwide in support for Roll for Peace.  The event kicks off on Sept. 16th and will continue to the 21st, as we roll and spread awareness of peace and International Peace Day itself on the 21st.

Events Showing Support World-Wide

We have been connecting with groups of supporters in cities all over the world and they are listing their events on the Roll for Peace Facebook page (by Shralper’s Union) as they come in from all over!

September 16th - Roll for Peace Day Events Worldwide!

Your Support

Get out there and roll for peace on anything with bearings on September 16th and spread our message of Peace, Balance, and Justice. Thank you for your support and be sure to register on our website (free) to join our community online and help us grow this awesome movement. If you are organizing your own event in your city, please let us know by joining our facebook page and dropping a link to your event on our page.


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Roll for Peace Day - September 16th